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My name is Jamie Koehler and I'm a licensed Realtor with Cummings & Co Realtors and listing specialist in the Greater Baltimore Area. Simply put, I help sellers earn more profit when you sell. Your home is your biggest investment and you deserve to pocket every last dollar on settlement day. Let me show you the way!

About Me

My Mission

To best serve sellers in the Baltimore Area by maximizing the proceeds of their real estate sale, while delivering superior customer service.

My Approach

Your home is your biggest investment. You’ve already done the heavy lifting. You made an informed decision when you purchased it and you’ve meticulously maintained it, maybe even improved it. Now it’s time to sell. Whether you plan to use the proceeds to invest in another home or put the money towards your retirement, nothing matters more than your net number on settlement day. And you deserve to get every last dollar out of your investment!

Now it’s time for me to do the heavy lifting. I’m very money conscious in my personal life and this carries over into my professional workplace. I’ll approach the sale of your home as if it were my own. To earn you the highest sales price possible, I’ll guide you on home preparations, pricing strategy, and establish and execute a comprehensive marketing plan to maximize your home’s exposure. I’ll also be present for your home’s appraisal to discuss similar, recent sales metrics and ensure no home improvement you’ve made is overlooked in your property’s valuation. To protect your bottom line, I’ll take proper precautions to determine the viability of a buyer’s offer, fiercely negotiate of your behalf, explain the offer’s terms and how we will avoid common pitfalls, manage each deadline within the contract (time is money after all!), advise you during the inspection phase and assist you with repairs (which is my area of expertise as a former property manager of more than 700 single-family homes in the Greater Baltimore Area), and protect you from overspending on title costs.

I believe that information, organization, and careful coordination are the keys to every smooth real estate transaction, and that in these areas I truly shine. I am analytical and strategic throughout the process and will share my insights with you. I am highly organized and I coordinate directly with the buyer’s realtor, lender, inspector, and title company and promptly relay information to you. While I have a business-minded approach, I also take the time to get to know each seller and truly relish in your real estate success!

My Experience

I have been in the Baltimore real estate industry for 15 consecutive years. I started in a marketing position at Dominion Properties from 2008 – 2010, in the wake of the financial crisis. Craving more active involvement in real estate, I requested a transfer to Dominion Properties’ sister company, Dominion Management, in 2010. I worked day and night absorbing everything I could about Baltimore real estate, ultimately earning the Property Manager role, overseeing both the leasing and maintenance departments, in just two short years. During this time, I reported to 21 individual owners, led a team of 17 talented individuals, and we collectively managed 732 single-family homes in the Greater Baltimore Area. Treating each individual rental as its own business, I gained first-hand experience on boosting income and making wise investments to reduce expenses. I found this aspect of real estate particularly thrilling and made it the core of my business when I left property management in 2018 to become a full-time realtor. As of October 2023, I have helped 133 clients (and counting!) achieve their real estate goals and am proud to be 5-star rated by clients on Google, Facebook, Redfin and Zillow. I’m a member of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, the Redfin Partner Program, and am also a Zillow Premier Agent and Live Baltimore Preferred Agent. I have lived and worked in Baltimore City since 2008, have renovated my own home, operated an Air B&B, and owned three rental properties. Let me put my experience to work helping you with the sale of your home!

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